It's culture, not costume.

White supremacy and colonialism continue to erase our cultures and force us to assimilate to Eurocentric ideals. Our clothes speak to us. They carry the weight of untold stories, narratives that have been forgotten, and ancestral histories that have been lost through colonial legacies.

At Naranji, we celebrate fashion as a form of resistance. We refuse to conform any longer. We can and we will and we must reclaim our freedom, one garment at a time!

Fuck the gender binary.

Gender is socially constructed. The gender binary is a tool of oppression that is used to police people's bodies and take away their freedom and autonomy. We are conditioned to live in fear, to hate ourselves, to suppress our desire to explore our true selves. Say it with us: fuck the gender binary!

We are choosing not to live in fear anymore. We are choosing to be free. We are choosing to move beyond the binary. We are choosing to celebrate the beauty of diverse gender expressions. We are choosing to be your wildest dreams. Join us as we move toward genderful fashion.

Clothes aren't meant to be a commodity.

The global fast fashion industry has conditioned us to commodify clothing, giving into the highly consumerist culture. Clothes are often seen as disposable and easily replaceable. The overproduction of clothing continues to play into the exploitation of labor and hurts the environment.

We need to reconfigure our relationship with clothes. Clothes carry a lot of cultural significance and meaning, and are often passed down through generations. We need to reconnect with the stories and histories they embody. Our consumption needs to slow down and align with ethical labor practices that prioritize the wellbeing of our communities and the planet.

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